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The Farm

There are now four generations past, and over a hundred years since the familyMadeccia is dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil. From father to son and from grandfather to grandson this passion passed on in the years up to the present day, when Giuseppe e Vincenzo, with the help of their mum Giacinta, have managed to run a prosperous farm.

In every Madeccia product you can find love and dedication that these gentlemen bring every day in the cultivation of this unique creation.

Projected into the future, but with well established roots in the tradition, we are in the service of your palates.

The History

The positive feedback from customers and a more careful economic management have made sure that the family Madeccia could acquire other olive groves, till reaching 1500 trees.

The activity of the family farm Madeccia began in the Forties with Vincenzo Madeccia and Onorina Cellini that, after the marriage, having inherited from their parents some farmland, acquired a large olive grove near Sonnino. They immediately began to produce extra virgin olive oil which, in the post-war years, was a key resource for the sustenance of the family.

After the estate was divided into three parts, Giuseppe (one of the three children of Vincenzo and Onorina), with the help of his wife Giacinta and the fundamental one of his father-in-law Augusto Ruperti, was able to grow and buy more olive trees.

But it is with the unique passion of Vincenzo Madeccia junior, that the final leap takes place. After his scientific studies and his wanderings in Italy, he stops in Tuscany for six years to study all the production and marketing innovations that the Tuscan masters exported all over the world. Back in Sonnino, he took over the reins of the business and founded the farm Madeccia. Projected into the future but with a keen eye to tradition, Vincenzo wants to give great emotions that only an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil can offer.

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